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Welcome to the Harrisburg Area Paranormal Society (HAPS). HAPS is a professional paranormal research team that investigates and validates claims of paranormal activity mainly in and around the tri-state area of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. We do, however, travel throughout the East Coast when our services are requested by clients who live outside of the tri-state area.

Our team of well-trained and experienced paranormal researchers are serious about helping people and their families who are experiencing paranormal activity in their lives. We use the most up-to-date technology, equipment and techniques in our research and our investigations are always conducted in a highly professional manner.

HAPS does accept donations, however, our services are free and we will never ask a client for payment. If you are experiencing paranormal activity and need our help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


The HAPS team is experienced and well trained in paranormal investigations. We not only look for paranormal explanations, but natural explanations as well. We seek out solutions for our clients and above all else, we help provide you with knowledge and understanding about the events you are experiencing. Once our team becomes involved with your case, we are there for the long haul and even after we have completed our investigation, we will continue to offer you support. [Read More]


Throughout our paranormal investigations, the HAPS team has collected various types of evidence from the homes of our clients and from historical properties we have investigated. The evidence shared here on our website, which includes EVPs, photographs, and videos, has been released by our clients for public viewing. It is their hope, as well as ours, that sharing this evidence will help to further the understanding of the paranormal. [Read More]


Most people believe that a haunting involves the ghost or spirit of someone who has passed away, but that’s not always the case. Ghosts can be responsible for the paranormal activity that takes place at a specific location, but there are other types of hauntings as well. Paranormal investigators understand the different levels of hauntings and they use special equipment and various methods to determine which type is taking place at the location they are investigating. [Read More]


HAPS is dedicated to seeking the truth about the paranormal and one way to do that is to conduct experiments that are helpful in providing more answers as well as debunking myths associated with paranormal events. Here on our Case Studies page, we discuss the different experiments we’ve conducted and the results of those experiments. [Read More]

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