About HAPS

HAPS is a professional paranormal research team that investigates and validates claims of paranormal activity mainly in and around the tri-state area of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. We do, however, travel throughout the East Coast when our services are requested by clients who live outside of the tri-state area.

Our well-trained and knowledgeable team utilizes high and low end scientific equipment to capture and record all of our findings. We have used Psychics or Mediums in some investigations to try answer questions as to what may have occurred in a location to trigger paranormal activity. We base our conclusions on facts and evidence that we have collected through our investigations and we make sure we are 100% positive that a location is experiencing paranormal activity before we confirm that a location is haunted.

Each of us at HAPS has encountered some sort of paranormal experience in our lives that launched us into this field of the unknown. Rest assured that if you choose HAPS to investigate your home or place of business, if there is paranormal activity taking place, we are going to find it and validate it.

Our main goal is to help people with their paranormal problems. If you are experiencing paranormal activity, we strongly advise you to contact paranormal professionals and that is why HAPS is here – to help.

If you just want to talk or ask questions about dealing with the paranormal, please feel free to send us an email. We’ll be more than happy to answer any of your questions. To get help, you can reach us through our Contact page.

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