Client Testimonials

“Hi Robert! I didn’t want to let an opportunity go by without telling you how much you and H.A.P.S. have helped me and to thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing it. When that picture was taken of me in Gettysburg, and something that looked like it was ‘not of the light’ showed up in it, I wasn’t very comfortable with it. The more I looked at it, the more apprehensive I got. Putting it out there on the Facebook page of one of those world famous paranormal investigators, I opened myself up to ridicule and scorn, and I was shocked at how mean some of the fan comments were. Ugly words like fake, hoax, or fraud were used one me, or else people just didn’t see what I saw. I was disillusioned when I knew it was genuine, and even worse, that it scared me. I couldn’t believe that you took your time to contact me, put me at ease, and examine this picture. I feel guilty, because once I was able to speak with somebody who really knew what they were doing, I bombarded you, monopolizing your time with tales of things that have been making me feel uneasy at home. I wrote lengthy mini novels with each communication. You have been so very selfless and giving of your time! You were sensitive to what a person who is experiencing an event like this goes through, and you have the patience to explain the unexplainable. I couldn’t believe that a person who didn’t even know me would go to such great lengths to help me. I know you are a busy man and have a family and a life, but you took your time for a person who was afraid and needed help, simply because that is what you do. This is a subject that’s hard to talk about. Not a lot of people can help you with something like this, especially if you are sensitive to being called crazy or people think you are making it up. I know I can never repay you for all you have done, and how much you have given of yourself just by listening and explaining things in a way I could understand them. Your honesty and integrity should be a benchmark by which all other paranormal investigators measure themselves by, and I don’t give that kind of praise lightly. It’s too bad there aren’t more in the field just like you! May God walk beside you and protect you in your search for the truth! “

Kelly Whitehurst

Camden, North Carolina

“Thanks for creating such a wonderful website. I’ve referenced it during my history lessons – the kids just love reading about all of the historical hauntings. Keep up the good work! You’re reaching out to more people than you realize .

Sarah Cogan

Teacher, Educator

“I have always felt we have had unsettling events in my home. A few others experienced contact with an entity in our home as well. But most of the time I think the people I spoke with about it probably felt a few weeks in the psych ward would make it all go away. It wasn’t until H.A.P.S contacted me and agreed to come, free of charge, for an investigation.They got so much activity they came to the house again for a full overnight investigation.The investigation was very thorough and H.A.P.S. was sure to create detailed documentation of everything they did. I wasn?t crazy! I did not imagine the unexplained sounds,foot steps, voices. H.A.P.S. was a pleasure to work with. My personal situation was not one of dire need but rather an explanation for some curious activity. The team uncovered some great information and documented some interesting events during their investigation. Simply put, forget what you see on TV ? H.A.P.S. is the real deal! “


Satisfied Client

“I had the pleasure of working closely with Harrisburg Area Paranormal Society when I invited them to investigate our historic Landon House mansion in Urbana, Maryland recently. I had a few guests there as well the night of the investigation and the H.A.P.S. people were very cordial and showed them how the equipment worked. My guests got very excited about that I can tell you… It was great to have a very professional and thorough group at Landon who took the time to set up properly and treated the house with respect. I have met since then with John Curley, President of H.A.P.S. and look forward to having H.A.P.S. back for a thorough review of the evidence that they found. I would highly recommend H.A.P.S. whatever your beliefs are in ghosts because they are professional, thorough, pleasant to deal with and very detailed in their approach. I would definitely rate H.A.P.S. as a great ghost group to work with.”

Kevin Dolan

Managing Director

“I feel that I was very lucky to come in contact with H.A.P.S. My family and I had been having some paranormal activity and we needed to get confirmation for one and find out if “it” was good or bad. I have had H.A.P.S to my house now for 3 investigations and each time we’ve gotten a good bit of confirmation. The H.A.P.S team is very good at what they do and have good explanations for things we’ve experienced. If you suspect your home of being haunted H.A..P.S are a great team to bring in. Feel free to email me if you have questions you’d like to ask.”


“Our house had been “active” with everything from shadows to voices, footsteps with dragging noises, phantom music and singing, to a shove or two in the back. A few months after our daughter’s birth things began to pick up and included our three year old telling us about things he saw and “people” who were coming through his windows and talking to him. We contacted HAPS via this site and received a call within 48 hours. We were able to set up a first visit. During the initial visit they had captured plenty EVP’s to set up a follow up. They have since been here four times and are set to come for another. I cannot say enough about their professional mannerisms and their respect for everything and everyone. I believe someone else said that HAPS is the real deal and they are not kidding. If you are looking for real people with real equipment who are going to tell you the REAL truth about what you may be sharing space with, these are the people you want.”

Kristin Yost

Completely satisfied haunted mother

TAPS Family


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