The list below does not include every piece of equipment available for use in paranormal investigations. It does, however, include the most popular tools used by investigators. Many paranormal research teams also employ homemade and experimental devices as well.

Digital Recorders

Digital Recorders are utilized to pick up Electronic Voice Phenomena better known as EVP . It works like this we ask a question give about a twenty to thirty second Pause for a response then ask another question. Upon review of the recorder sometimes you will get a response that you did not hear at the time of the question but it is imprinted on the recorder. Somehow spirits use and manipulate these devices to form words and sentences to make contact.

EVP Field Processor

This device has a “white noise baseline adjustment” allowing the user, to set the baseline level on the devices illuminated scale. This provides a “visual reference” to see in real time any “addition” or “reduction” of proprietary frequency noise. The E.F.P.’s built in circuitry filters and amplifies input signals to extremely high levels allowing users to visually monitor E.V.P. responses at higher resolution.

Parabolic Dish

With this device, you can magnify some of the faintest sounds. Those faint EVPs that are missed or lost in translation can now be heard clearly. A “Parabolic Dish” can magnify sound up to 40 decibels using an omni-directional microphone. This device helps you to locate the source of sounds, and suppress background noises all in real time.

Handheld Digital Video Recorders

Handheld digital video recorders are used to capture images and video of spiritual entities, as well as an instrument to document investigations and events. Handheld recorders are usually used for situations that require a portable way to document investigations.

DVR Systems

These devices allow investigators to strategically place cameras around an investigation to provide a continuous feed of live video, while simultaneously recording for later review. Many times these devices are placed in areas with reported activity in an effort to either document the activity, or to provide clients with an explanation as to the cause of their reported events. DVR systems see infrared light allowing them to be of use on night investigations. These devices are pretty much the same as a handheld device except that a DVR system uses static cameras, and are not portable.

Thermal Imagers

Thermal imagers are instruments that create pictures of heat rather than light. They measure radiated IR energy and convert the data to corresponding maps of temperatures. These are important because spiritual energy tends to manipulate air temperatures, and just as a full spectrum recorder can see into the infrared spectrum of light, the thermal imager sees the infrared energy. As a spirit begins to manifest in the infrared spectrum of light, the thermal imager will be able to detect, and create a temperature image.


These accessories are used as a way to see in the dark. Illuminators will usually be attached to the recording device by an arm or bracket and will provide a light source for the device’s eye. Usually an infrared light.

EMF Detectors

These Meters are used to pick up and detect Electric Magnetic Fields . It has been widely suggested that spirits use Electric Magnetic Fields and also give off Electric Magnetic Fields when trying to Manifest themselves. Electric Magnetic Fields can cause hallucinations, rashes , headaches , and fatigue. Some people are allergic to Electric Magnetic Fields and will cause the above symptoms if a home has High Electric Magnetic Fields Present along with heightened Paranormal Activity.

K-II Meter

This device is also used to pick up Electric Magnetic Fields , The k2 is more sensitive to Paranormal levels of EMF than the regular EMF detector. But with K2 and the EMF meter’s great caution must be used because these devices can give off a false Positive when in contact with Walkies Talkies, cell phones , Televisions, microwaves, etc.

Tri Field Meter

The Tri Field Meter is similar to the K2, and EMF Detector but what sets the Tri Field meter apart from them is that this meter only detects non man made energy , which is a great asset to Paranormal Investigators when trying to determine static and Magnetic fields. whether they are paranormal or man made energies.

Infrared Motion Sensor

These devices detect or receive the infrared heat signature off of anything that is above absolute zero. If the sensor detects movement in an area where there was nothing visible, the sensor has picked up something invisible to the naked eye that is giving off an IR heat signature. It is said that spirits manifest more commonly within the infrared region of the light spectrum.

Game Camera

The game camera is a fairly new method of capturing possible Entity’s . The game camera is usually set up in area High with Paranormal sightings of apparitions . The camera shoots out an infrared beam naked to the human eye with a sensor that if triggered takes a series of pictures or video clip.


This piece of equipment is used to capture any vibrations or bangs on the ground. We utilize it to detect disembodied footsteps and also as a kind of communication link with spirits. We will ask the spirit questions and try to make them communicate by setting off the Geophone.

Ambient Temperature Probe

These tools are use to check the surrounding air temperature . It has long been thought that spirits when they try to manifest draw energy from the environment thus making the Temperature drop making a cold spots or in some cases raising the temperature making things hot. If there are any sudden drops in temperature these probes will detect it.

Frank’s Box

This device is utilized to communicate with spirits. The box works like this. We modify a regular FM/AM radio to cycle through the FM/AM bands continuously enabling spirits to use these continuous radio frequencies to communicate. H.A.P.S has experimented with this device and at first we were very skeptical but after studying sessions with this device we have concluded that this device is legitimate and you can communicate with spirits using the Ghost Box.

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