Can HAPS force spirits to leave?

The answer to this question depends on what type of entity is haunting you; human or non-human. Human spirits, often referred to as ghosts, are just like you and I, except they are deceased. Human spirits cannot be forced to leave if they don’t want to, regardless of who tries to get them to leave. If a paranormal team tells you they are able to force human spirits to leave, you should seek a second opinion.

Non-human entities or demons on the other hand, can be forced to leave. This is the only type of entity that must obey religious convocation. HAPS has an offsite network of demonologists and priests to help in paranormal situations involving demons.

What is the cost to have HAPS conduct an investigation?

Investigations and services provided by HAPS are completely free of charge. Even though we do accept donations from our clients, we will never ask for them and we never expect them. Our focus is to help our clients understand exactly what they are experiencing.

Is HAPS insured?

Yes, HAPS is fully insured and proof of insurance is available upon request.

Should I have an investigation?

The answer is entirely up to you and your family. Investigations can help to calm the uncertainty and confusion that is being experienced from unexplained events. The first, and perhaps most important, reason to consider a paranormal investigation is to find out if you are actually experiencing paranormal activity. Second, it is important to learn exactly what type of haunting you are experiencing if the activity proves to be paranormal. There’s a big difference between human and non-human hauntings.

What about my privacy?

HAPS is dedicated to respecting your right to personal privacy. All information concerning you and your family, your property, and investigative findings are kept in strict confidentiality and are not released or shared without your expressed written consent.

Can I participate in the investigation?

As the investigation begins, we prefer that clients not participate at first. For a more in-depth answer to this question, please see our Investigation Procedures page.

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