Investigation Procedures

The HAPS team is experienced and well trained in paranormal investigations. We not only look for paranormal explanations, but natural explanations as well. We seek out solutions for our clients and above all else, we help provide you with knowledge and understanding about the events you are experiencing. Once our team becomes involved with your case, we are there for the long haul and even after we have completed our investigation, we will continue to offer you support.

If you choose to have HAPS investigate your home or place of business, the following are our procedures for conducting investigations.

1. A HAPS case manager will contact you and ask you some standard questions about your claims of paranormal activity. At this time an appointment will be made for our lead investigators to come to your home and conduct a pre-investigation.

2. During the pre-investigation, our investigators will sit down with you and have a brief consultation about your experiences. They will also ask for a guided tour of the most active places in your home and take baseline EMF readings, radiation readings, and ambient temperature reading. The initial readings are taken so they can be compared with readings taken by investigators during the actual investigation to check for abnormal fluctuations. Once the pre-investigation has been completed, a date will be set to conduct the full investigation.

3. All HAPS investigations are typically conducted from 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM unless the client specifies a particular time they want the investigation to conclude.

4. As the investigation begins, we prefer that the client not participate. We understand that clients often want to be present for an investigation and even participate, but in order to collect genuine evidence without contamination, it is necessary for our trained investigators to begin the investigation on their own. Clients are, however, welcome to watch the investigation in progress at our base camp on our DVR system.

Our investigators will start by trying to get a response from whatever is in the home without your presence. If, after time, we feel that we are unable to generate enough activity without you being present, we may invite you to participate only if you feel comfortable and are willing to do so. Under no circumstances will we ever put a client in harm’s way by insisting they participate in an investigation.

5. During the investigation, we will collect video evidence as well as audio evidence from our EVP sessions. We will also take EMF and temperature readings, which will be compared with our pre-investigation readings to check for any fluctuations that would indicate the presence of paranormal activity.

6. After the investigation has been completed, we will have hours of video and audio evidence to review and this takes time as all evidence must be reviewed very carefully. It typically takes about two weeks to complete the analysis of the evidence and once we are done, we will contact you to set up a post-investigation meeting.

7. During the post-investigation meeting, we will sit down with you and review the evidence that was collected during the investigation. At this time we will render a professional opinion as to whether or not you are experiencing paranormal activity in your home. You will receive copies of all evidence collected and, because our investigations are strictly confidential, only you will know the results of the investigation.

8. If we feel that we need to go into more depth to give you a conclusive answer we will, with your permission, conduct research on the history of your home by collecting information from your local historical society, library, and newspaper obituaries.

9. If the evidence of the investigation reveals that there is paranormal activity taking place in your home, HAPS will offer suggestions on what can be done to rid your home of the activity or, help you deal with it.

10. HAPS has an open door policy and if you should ever become afraid or if the paranormal activity escalates, we urge you to contact us immediately. When a clients signs on with us, we treat them like family and we will do everything we can to help you though a difficult time and feel more at ease in your home.

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